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Q: How often should my dog get groomed if grooming is required for their breed?

A: Typically every 2 months is best to keep the, maintained and feeling the best they can.

Q: At what age can my puppy begin grooming?

A: After your puppy has completed their puppy vaccines series, they are ready for their first groom whether it is just a Face, Feet and Fanny groom or a bath, brush and blowout!

Q: Why does my dog need to be regularly groomed?

A: If a dog is not bathed properly it can eventually lead to skin problems, drying out (red, itchy, and irritated skin). If a dog is not brushed properly it can lead to matting or the undercoat being impacted which will become too heavy and hot for your pets skin to breathe. It will not allow the skin to breathe causing irritation as well as possible sores to occur from the hair constantly pulling at their skin.

Packages  & pricing                                                                                                                                      

Puppy Cuts (Includes Face, Feet and Fanny) : Bath, drimmel nails, tidy up ear cleaning and plucking. 

Tidy up ($40-$50): Bath, sanitary, nails, round paws and trim visor.

Deshed($50): FURminator, coat conditioning, nails, ear cleaning and removal of under coat.

Bath, brush and blowout monthly package ($90) : Includes nails and brushing once a week as well as bath and blow out every other week. If a tidy up is needed prices will vary between $100-$110.

Dematting: Pricing is determined by time spent and temperament of your pet.

Custom hair cuts: Haircuts start at $50 with a bath and nail trim included. Pricing is based on the size of the dog and it's temperament.

Please be sure to call for actual pricing which WILL vary by breed and type. Call our office and ask for Kaitlyn Jones our Kennel Manager at (336) 887-2606 for questions regarding bathing, spa and grooming services.


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