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9. Freshen Up The Litter Box Everyday

Cats are very clean animals, and most are very picky about their litter box habits. While it may not be the most fun thing to do in the world, cleaning your cat’s litter box every day ensures good bathroom habits for your pet. They’ll be less inclined to leave you unwanted surprises elsewhere, which will help you with keeping your house smelling better.


9. Promote Good Hygiene

From a clean litter box to brushing knots out of your cat’s fur regularly, promoting good hygiene is important to your cat’s health and happiness. The ASPCA suggests that long-haired cats should be brushed every few days, while short-haired cats only need to be brushed one or two times a week. Generally, your cat should be capable of taking care of its own grooming, with bathing reserved for instances when your cat gets particularly dirty or into something messy. Remember to have your cat’s teeth checked when you visit the vet, and make sure you know how to properly brush your cat’s teeth, should you need to do so. Wash your cat’s food bowls every other day, and wash their toys and collars every few weeks. If you have an outdoor cat, make sure your pet is treated for fleas and ticks.


4. Make a DIY Cat Toy …

From catnip mice to feathers tied to a stick, your cat loves playing with its favorite toys. It’s good for them to keep active while playing — and sometimes, it doesn’t take much to keep your cat entertained. You don’t have to spend a fortune to provide your cat with a toy they’ll love. Get creative with household items such as some simple pipe cleaners, old socks, or a cardboard box or tube. Make your own catnip “mice” by getting creative with the classic ball of yarn and hiding some catnip inside for your feline to find.


3. … Or Make DIY Cat Furniture

From a soft bed to sleep on to a cat tree to climb and reach new heights, your cat loves to have its own furniture. This year, do a little research and make your feline buddy some cool furniture to climb, play with, and sleep on. It doesn’t have to be hard — you can stack and rearrange a few boxes to create your kitty’s very own cat tree. Or, you could craft a few spare pieces of wood with some old rope and create a scratch post for your cat. It will give you a fun project to do, and it will give your kitty something fun to play with.


2. Chat With Your Cat

It’s not just the crazy cat lady who talks to her pet. Cats are very vocal and enjoy the sound of your voice. Talking to your cat and learning your kitty’s various vocalizations will help the two of you bond in the New Year. Just give it a try — it can be quite relaxing!


1. Be Kitty-Friendly With Your Love

Cats aren’t rambunctious creatures like their canine counterparts. They’re calm and casual, and they show their affection accordingly. Don’t be too eager or aggressive when playing with or approaching your cat. Respect them as they are and let them come to you; they’ll show their appreciation in their own precious way.