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Northwood Animal Hospital offers 3 options to memorialize your beloved pet. Pet Angel Memorial Center works with us to ensure that every step of the process is providing your pet with dignity and your family with as much support as possible during this difficult time.

Saying Goodbye-Options for After Euthanasia

Take Home-Burial

Depending on local laws, it may be legal to bury an animal on your property. It is typically illegal to bury an animal on public lands such as parks. If you desire burial for your pet but do not have land of your own, check to see if there is a pet cemetery or memorial park in your area.

Communal Cremation

  With communal cremation, your pet is gently placed into the crematory together with other pets. When the cremation process is complete, the communal remains are collected and placed in a communal burial lot by our cremation partner. NO cremated remains are returned to you when you choose a communal cremation.

Individual Cremation

Individual cremation provides you with the opportunity to keep your pets cremated remains as a permanent and personal keepsake. When you choose individual cremation, your treasured pet is placed into the crematory and separated from the other pets with partitions. When the cremation process is complete, we ensure that you receive only the cremated remains of your pet.  With an individual cremation, you DO receive your pet’s ashes back in a beautiful wooden urn. 


Pet Loss and Grief Support Sources

Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement

Pet Loss Grief Support Website

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