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If your pet (Dog or Cat) is scheduled to come in to our office and there is FECAL CHECK to be performed, then you want to take advantage of this ALL YEAR LONG special. If you bring a fecal sample from home, and it is usable for the fecal check (we recommend a sample that is not more than 12 hours old) then you will receive a 10% OFF* of the FECAL CHECK fee only. You can apply this discount in combination with any other coupons, rebates and discounts (something usually NAH does not allows). This discount is per pet, so if you have multiple pets coming in and you bring in fecals for each then each pet will receive a 10% OFF from their Fecal Check only fee.

The reason to this discount is to enhance the customer/patient experience here at NAH. We want your pets to enjoy coming in to the Veterinarian's office. And we hope that by them knowing they do not have to get poked to get a fecal sample helps. All while SAVING 10% from the actual test.

Example: Dog comes in for his annual check up, vaccines and testing (fecal is one of them), and owner brings a still sample and IT IS usable, then NAH will give the client a 10% OFF of the cost of the FECAL CHECK only. Ex- $27 - 10% OFF ($2.70) = $24.3

Discount is to the fecal check fee only. No cash Value. Can be used in combination with other discounts and coupons. This is a per Pet discount. Fecals brought by pet owners MUST BE usable, if we can not use it for whatever reason and our team has to retrieve a sample ourselves from the office no discount will be granted. Some restrictions may apply. 

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